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Islamic State kills twenty Nigerian Christians

The terrorist group justified the massacre as a revenge for US airstrike.

Islamic State attacks continue to multiply across Nigeria

The Jihad Analytics data also showed that while Nigeria has recorded 162 IS operations since January 2022, Iraq has recorded 120.

Twenty civilians killed in DRC rebel attack

The rebel group has been accused of causing thousands of deaths in the DRC since 2013.

Islamic State claims responsibility for suicide bombing in Congo

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Christmas Day suicide bombing that killed at least five people in the DRC.

53 killed in attack on security post in Burkina Faso

Civilians are subject to grave acts of violence and human rights violations at the hands of extremist groups.

Suicide bomb kills three in Somalia

Al-Shabaab is a jihadist militant organisation whose primary aim is to create an Islamic Statate in Somalia.

Bishops of Niger and Burkina Faso express concern over increasing attacks

The attacks by jihadist groups are especially increasing in the so-called triangle between Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso.

Jihadist group kills sixteen people in the DRC

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of State designated ADF as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

At least twenty Nigerians killed in terror attack

Daily Sun reported that the suspected terrorists fired gunshots in Dabna to announce their arrival.

Islamic State religious police active again in Syria

Hesba, the Islamic State’s religious police, increased its presence and activity in northeast Syria.