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Indonesian authorities refuse churches building permits

The 1945 Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and worship,

Indonesian authorities refuse churches building permits

The Indonesian Constitution of 1945 guarantees freedom of religion and worship, at least in theory.

Bishop calls out human rights violations in Papua

69 civilian deaths and 135 injuries were reported. 

Prosecutors seek justice for Christian YouTuber attacked in prison

Across the Muslim world, Christian converts suffer serious consequences for having turned to Jesus Christ

Christian women forced to wear hijabs or resign from work in Indonesia

Indonesia, which is home to the world's largest Muslim population, has 20.4 million Protestants and 8.42 million Catholics.

Islamic Caliphate movement gains popularity in Indonesia

The government of Indonesia currently supports the secular ideology of Pancasila, which affirms the respect for all religions.

Police arrest leaders of a Caliphate rally in Indonesia

The leaders of the rally were arrested shortly after the event.

Christian YouTuber sentenced to 10 years in prison in Indonesia

The inconsistent standard embedded in Indonesia’s legal system is self-evident.

Christians continue to suffer persecution in Indonesia

Freedom of religion has been under threat for many years in Indonesia

Indonesian governments counts on the Catholic Chruch to promote interreligious-harmony

The government of the Republic of Indonesia expects the Catholic Church to promote religious moderation.