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Muslim extremists attacked Catholic students praying the Rosary

A group of Muslim extremists broke into a house hosting Cathlolic students that were preparing for prayer. The intruders attacked and threatened them.

In Jakarta, Indonesia, Muslim extremists assaulted a group of Catholic students praying the Rosary. Twelve Catholic students from Pamulang University were invited to a Catholic house to conduct a rosary service. Members of the neighborhood associations objected to the service.

A Catholic lawyer, Siprianus Edi Hardum, reached out to the students and offered legal help, saying,

“As a result, two female students were injured and one Muslim man was manhandled for defending the students.”

The head of the neighbourhood association stopped the students and protested their activity, even inside the premises of a private apartment to which they were invited. Shortly after his leave, he returned with an extremist mob, forced their way into the house, and attacked the students. Other Muslims came to the scene and rescued the students from further harm. Two Catholic girls and a Muslim man who came to their rescue suffered lighter injuries.

The police are currently investigating the incident. It is not an isolated incident since, in predominantly Muslim Indonesia, prayer services in minority areas are often disturbed. Hardum expressed his thankfulness to the people who helped the students and noted,

“People who disturb those who are praying are destroying Indonesia as a democratic country.”

Source: UCAnews

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