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Muslim extremists attacked Catholic students praying the Rosary

The group of Muslim men threatened the Catholic students for praying the Rosary in Indonesia.

Spain criminalises public prayer

A few weeks ago, Spain was gripped by protests against the government due to its deal with Catalan separatists.

Praying the rosary banned in Madrid during anti-government protest

The Christian lawyer's assassination 'Abogados Cristianos' announced that they will defend those who are arrested free of charge.

The Atlantic refers to the Rosary as an “extremist tool"

In the meantime, the newspaper omitted to denounce pro-abortion violence on several occasions.

One million children pray the rosary today

Children in South Sudan, Burma, and Lebanon have joined a worldwide initiative to get one million kids to pray the rosary.

Pro-lifers press on through angry mob during Rosary procession in Brooklyn

On Monday, St. Paul’s Church received 100 threatening phone calls, Catholic News Agency reported.

French Christians protest against the ban on liturgy

In the coming days, such prayer protests will be held in many French cities. 

In times of pandemic crisis, a priest prays the Rosary on the streets

This action also aimed to show young people the importance of the month dedicated to the Virgin.

Italy: Deprived of Mass, Christians unite in non-stop online Rosary prayer

In the absence of the opportunity to hear the Holy Mass, the faithful are mobilizing for 24-hour prayers online.