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Church aids farmers in Indonesia

In Java, a local Christian church helps struggling locals. The farmers are in a grave position because of the dry weather and failed crops. The church provides multiple programs to help the farmers.

In Kemadang, Java, Indonesia, numerous farmers are struggling because of the dry weather. Many of their fields have failed, and they are forced to buy crops to feed their families. The produce comes at a high price, which is a great financial burden.

However, the Kemadang Javanese Christian Church provides help for the farmers. A granary program created by pastor Kristiono Riyadi has the goal of maintaining food reserves for times of drought.

They also have multiple programs, such as loan, buyback, and grain savings programs. Beside these programs, they also sell seeds at an affordable price, which many farmers struggled to buy before the church program.

Pastor Riyadi says,

“From the testimonies of members of the food granary who are of other faiths, they feel that the church provides care for all, not only thinking about themselves but also about others.”

The church sees the program as a way of spreading God’s love and helping those in need.

Source: Christianity Today

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