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Nuns against gender-based violence

A new group was launched by nuns and women activists on gender-based violence in Indonesia. They hope that it can become a forum for discussing the problem and helping the victims.

On June 19, a new group was launched in Indonesia called Puan Floresta Bicara (Flores Women Talk), focusing on gender-based violence. Nuns from the Congregation of Sisters of the Holy Spirit and women activists from different organizations started the group to fight against the increase of violence against women and children in the country.

For now, the group will aim to work on three large islands in the Christian-majority East Nusa Tenggara province, including the Catholic-majority Flores Island. Sister Herdiana Randut, head of Puan Floresta Bicara, said that they stared the group.

“because of concerns and unrest regarding gender issues in East Nusa Tenggara.”

Statistics show that sexual violence has significantly increased in the past few years. In West Manggarai Regency alone, 68 cases of sexual violence were registered, compared to 11 last year. Among the cases, multiple were committed against minors, mainly young girls. A local police chief stated that those who commit the attacks are, in most cases, close to the victims or even their family members.

Puan Floresta Bicara aims to fight against gender-based violence, provide support for the victims, and become a forum where women can share their problems and people can voice their opinions on the issue.

Source: UCAnews

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