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Four people killed by militants including pastor of ECWA church in Nigeria

Suspected Fulani militants attacked a village in Plateau State, Nigeria.

Nigeria: Gunmen kill three Christian siblings and two women in Plateau State

The unprovoked attack and the killing of innocent children only shows the level of insecurity Christians are facing in Nigeria.

Ancha villagers threatened by Fulani herdsmen, Nigerian gov't does nothing

The latest attack took place on April 1 in the village, inhabited predominantly by Christians.

32 people killed by Fulanis in Plateau, Nigeria at the end of January

There have been two large attacks that took place on January 26 and 27.

13 Christians killed by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Central Nigeria

Three people were additionally wounded in the attack.

Burkina Faso: Over 60 dead in a terrorist attack

In Burkina Faso, tensions periodically degenerate into violence between the Fulani and indigenous farmers.

Christian missionaries help Fulani in need

The presence of missionaries in Kongo also includes works of human promotion, alongside pastoral activities.