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The Archbishop of Canterbury urges faith leaders to ‘lead by example’

Justin Welby has called on global faith leaders to ensure more is done to fight the effects of climate change.

After recovering from COVID-19 Burkina Faso cardinal calls for relief for Africa

In his country, Burkina Faso, Christian communities have been forced to live under threat of Jihadist terrorism in recent years.

Eighty percent of Lebanese Catholic schools risk closure

Due to recent legal administrative changes, the education of two-thirds of Lebanese pupils has been affected by a lack of resource

Interreligious Council set up: working for the good of the Venezuelan family

Representatives of the Christian Churches (Catholics, Evangelicals, Anglicans and Adventists), the Jewish community came together

Zimbabwe: amid crisis and instability, Christians helping to rebuild the country

The "Breadbasket of Africa" has to leave dictatorship behind and build up a prosperous country and civil society.

Lebanese snowball of crisis is getting bigger

The country is under heavy burden after defaults on sovereign debt.

Somalia: unrest fuels humanitarian crisis concerns Christians too

Christians aren’t immune from Somalia’s instability. In fact, it’s a contributing factor to their persecution.