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Far left brutality on campus makes conservative student afraid for her life

The aggression of leftist radicals was condemned by the rector of the University of North Texas.

"The Bible is more than just true", according to Jordan Peterson

“Roughly speaking, we have a bedrock of agreement,” he said. “That’s the Bible, by the way.”

Over a quarter of US college and high school students "never" attend church

Eight percent of respondents preferred not to disclose their frequency of religious attendance.

Mike Pence launches new conservative organisation to advance Trump-era policies

The announcement also listed the Advancing American Freedom Advisory Board members.

Most American Conservatives keep their views private due to "political climate"

Overall, 62 per cent of Americans say they self-censor due to the political climate.

Jack Posobiec attacked by Antifa in Lincoln Park

Left-wing activists have shown once again how little they practise the tolerance they have in their slogans.

Roger Scruton wanted a conservative approach to ecology

The British Conservative criticized contemporary madness of environmental activists.