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Far left brutality on campus makes conservative student afraid for her life

Left-wing students attacked at the University of North Texas' gender reassignment meeting on Wednesday. The invited guest and the woman organizing the event, involved in the activities of the "Young Conservatives" association, had to be evacuated by the police and to hide from the protesters.


On Wednesday, March 2, there was a discussion about gender reassignment in children at the University of North Texas. The problem was presented to the audience by Jeffrey Younger, a father involved in a legal battle with his ex-wife, who wants to disturb the maturation process of their son in order to persuade him to adopt a “female identity”. The man who does not agree to it emphasizes that James has no problems with his gender identification.

The meeting was interrupted by 70 leftist students dressed in black. Initially, the extremists went on strike outside, throwing accusations of hate speech against political opponents. Due to the increasing tension and the threat, Younger and Kelly Neidert, who was in charge of the event, had to be evacuated by the police.

The guest got out of the building without any difficulties, but the student involved in the activities of the “Young Conservatives” was not so lucky. As the woman took the police escort outside, the crowd of protesters pounced on her. The conservative, along with the officer guarding her, had to hide from the radicals in the janitor’s office. “When I was hiding (…) with an officer with the lights off, and these people were running screaming in the corridor, I was afraid for my own life,” the attacked woman later commented.

After coming out of hiding, more problems awaited Neidert. Due to the disorganization of the police, she was unable to get out of the campus in a police car. While looking for a transport with a police escort, she was once again noticed by leftists. In order to avoid injuries, she and the officer ran into a nearby building, where she waited out the threat.

As reported by, it is suspected that the Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club group, associated with Antifa, may have been responsible for the attack. After the evening attack on social media, its members declared that they were “proud of what the demonstrators had done” and that they were concerned about the possible consequences of photos of their faces getting online.

Even before the incident, extreme students had created a petition to expel Neidert from university, accusing her of “oppressing a trans-sexual minority.” By this point, 17,000 people had backed her, and homicide threats had started pouring in to the activist.


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