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"Catholics" controlled by Communists celebrate the 100th anniversary of the CCP

The events were attended by over fifty representatives of all officially recognised religions.

A fire destroyed a Catholic church in Manitoba on Easter Sunday

A thirty-two-year-old suspect has been arrested.

Website recently launched to offer Christian response to gender ideology

Its mission is "promoting the Catholic vision of the human person and responding to the challenges of gender ideology."

Record exodus of Catholics from the Church in Switzerland

“The bishops believe that the pandemic could accelerate this development in the coming months”.

The Church helps victims of storm in Vietnam

Caritas, local Jesuits and other benefactors donated 600 million dongs (around 26,000 USD) to help those affected by the disaster.

Vandals ravaged a Catholic church in Bavaria, Germany

On Monday the 8th of September, Saint-Emmaram's Catholic church was vandalised in the town of Spalt.

Archbishop Paglia: Catholic politicians cannot protect or promote abortion

"The Church is very clear. It is a response from the Catechism. It is a great mistake to promote legislation on abortion."

Why was the atomic bomb dropped on the most Catholic town of Japan?

In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Jesuits and the Franciscans built up a Catholic community in Nagasaki.

Nuns in Poland care for newborn in baby box

The archdiocese of Warsaw stated that next to the baby girl, there was a note that said she was born on August 24 at 3:00 am

Catholic Church in Belgium sees rise in adult baptisms

The number of adult baptisms has grown steadily from 143 in 2010, to 180 in 2015, to more than 300 in 2020.