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Azerbaijan destroys Armenian church and village

Azerbaijan destroyed a church and built a mosque in conquered Artsakh

Armenian church vandalised in California

Additionally, the nearby KZV Armenian School was defaced with anti-Armenian graffiti.

Armenian church In Turkey to reopen after decades

Turkey recently had restoration work completed and will serve jointly as a church and cultural center.

Armenian churches destroyed by Azeri forces in Nagorno-Karabakh

The Shushi province is today mainly occupied by the Azeri army.

A nineteenth century Armenian church put up for sale in Turkey

Armenian Christian heritage continues to be slowly erased from Turkish soil.

Armenian Church turned into storage facility

The 190-year-old St. George Armenian Church's owner has been unable to receive alteration permissions from the Culture Ministry

Armenian patriarch endorses reopening Hagia Sophia

President Erdogan has repeatedly brought this idea to the country’s attention, hoping to reopen the museum as a mosque.

Turkey allows for reporting religion change on-line

Turkey require citizens to have a religious affiliation on official documents, which creates challenges for Christians.

Ankara promises to defend religious minorities after Armenian church attack

Turkish authorities have taken measures to safeguard inter-religious and minority rights.

Attempted attack against Armenian church failed

An individual tried to burn the church but the attempt caused only minor damages.