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Interreligious violence is on the rise across India

At least 317 church buildings have been destroyed in the violence since May 3, according to local sources.

A Catholic priest was murdered in Burkina Faso

According to a report by ACI Africa, the shooters proceeded to take the priest’s vehicle after they had killed him.

A sacristan was violently beaten up while praying in Austria

The attacker later fled the scene. The police were able to arrest him a short time later.

A Coptic Christian has been shot over 20 times in Egypt

A second person, Sherif Rashad, sustained a gunshot wound and was transferred to a hospital in Alexandria.

Three Christians jailed for attending Christmas gathering in Central India

Across India, attacks on Christians and their places of worship are steadily increasing in both number and severity.

Man charged with murdering a young Christian in England

Witnesses say the victim was handing out leaflets for his church at the time of the attack.

145 acts of violence against India’s Christians in first six months of 2021

The incidents reported by EFI likely only represent a portion of the violence experienced by India’s Christian community.

Man threatens the faithful with death during a Mass in France

The individual was arrested and taken to custody.

A Kenyan woman was assaulted by her husband for leaving Islam for Christ

Buliro miscarried her thirteen-week-old baby as a result of the attack, Morning Star News reports. 

Unknown perpetrators murdered a religious brother in Venezuela

It is suspected that robbery was the motivation behind the crime.