Tag: anti-Christian violence

Anti-Christian hate crimes on the rise in Europe

In 2022, OIDAC Europe documented 748 anti-Christian hate crimes in 30 different countries

Israeli police arrest five people for hostile gestures towards Christians

Israeli police on Wednesday arrested five people suspected of spitting towards Christians

Seventeen year-old boy confined and starved for becoming a Christian

A Muslim man locked up and starved his own son as punishment for becoming a Christian

Pastor shot in Jaranwala

Two Muslim men demanded that the Pastor recite the Islamic declaration of faith and shot him for not obeying

At least 14 killed in militant attack on Congo church last Sunday

Local and army sources confirmed that members of a militia had murdered Christian worshippers in a Congolese church

Christian families are constantly pressured to convert to Islam in Egypt

Egyptian Christians frequently experience pressures to convert to Islam from Muslim-majority communities

Frenzied mob violence forces 1000 Christians to flee their homes

An angry mob attacked a Christian colony in Punjab, Pakistan on Wednesday

Inspirational church leader murdered in Plymouth, England

A 24 year-old man has been accused of murdering one of the leaders of Hope Church on Saturday, 29 July.

Volatility in Afghanistan ended in more than 3,700 civilian casualties

Advancing troubles in Afghanistan led to 1,095 civilians killed and 2,679 wounded between August 2021 and May 2023

A priest was attacked by a group of youngsters in France

Ther assailants fled hurling anti-Christian insults