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Street evangelist sentenced to jail in China

Chen Wensheng, a street evangelist in China has been arrested again. This has occurred over one hundred times. Despite the arrests, he still goes on preaching for the people on the streets.

Chen Wengsheng, a former drug addict who turned to Christianity and set out on a mission to preach the Gospel in China and Vietnam, was arrested again by Chinese authorities. His goal is to bring the Gospel to as many people as he can and share his testimony on how he was saved from drugs by the Gospel. His journey brought him across China and Vietnam, as far as Tibet.

However, the Chinese authorities stopped his mission many times and have arrested him over a hundred times. Recently, he was re-arrested and sentenced to one year and seven months in prison. It might seem like a light sentence, but the scene is always the same: He preaches, the authorities arrest him, they give him a relatively short sentence, and after his release and return to preaching, they arrest him again.

He is now in the Hengdong County Detention Center, where he will serve his one-year, seven-month sentence.

Source: Bitter Winter

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