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Organized attacks against civilians in southern Chad

Multiple villages were attacked by unidentified gunmen in the southern part of Chad. The attackers killed at least 16 villagers, burned many houses, and stole hundreds of livestock.

Unknown gunmen carried out attacks against villages in Moyen-Chari province in southern Chad. The armed men attacked civilians, set houses ablaze, and took away livestock. As a result of the attacks, at least sixteen people died. Besides the great human loss, material damage is significant as well. Many villagers lost their houses, and the livestock that their livelihood depended on was stolen.

Germain Adoumbaye Ndimantangar, head of this mission of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Diocese of Sarh, described the situation.

Many fled, and others lost homes, livestock, and crops. Suddenly, they find themselves without shelter or food. In addition to its humanitarian aid, “the local Church has appealed to other NGOs and people of goodwill to come on board and help victims.”

A Caritas mission from the Diocese of Sarh arrived in the affected villages. The mission brought help and expressed the diocese’s support. It provided medicine, food, and other essentials to the victims of the attacks.

Source: Vatican News

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