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Christian leader killed by hitmen in Myanmar

Nammye Hkun Jaw Li was killed when three men with guns entered his shop and shot him. The former Baptist leader was also involved in an anti-drug organization and an anti-military protest.

Three armed men killed Nammye Hkun Jaw Li, a Christian leader in Kachin State, Myanmar. The killers entered the shop of Nammye Hkun Jaw Li and fired three shots. Sources claim that they targeted him specifically.

Three men came and said they wanted to print on vinyl and then shot him dead. They shot him in his stomach twice, and when he did not die, they also shot him in the head.”

Nammye Hkun Jaw Li was a well known community leader, a former executive of the Kachin Baptist Convention. He was also involved in an anti-drug program and anti-military protest. The investigation to find the killers is still ongoing.

Source: Radia Free Asia

Photo: RFA

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