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Police stop young Christians from attending church in Nigeria

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Hisbah, the Islamic police responsible for enforcing Sharia law in northwest Nigeria, recently harassed and prevented five Christian girls from going to church.

Hisbah police stopped the girls on their route to the Evangelical Church Winning All, requesting them to wear Islamic clothing. When the girls refused, the officers said they would be penalized for attending the church service. Officials then forced them to stand outside in the blazing sun for three hours and released them only after the service ended. 

According to one of the girls, Mary, the officers told them they were being punished because “Israel is killing our sisters in Gaza. If we like, we kill you too.”

Kano state suffers from disgraceful treatment when it comes to Christian rights. The Hisbah police regularly harass women and girls. Christian leaders are silenced and overlooked. The international Christian organization, Open Doors states that terrorist groups, militant herdsmen, and criminal gangs are responsible for large numbers of fatalities, and Christians are particularly vulnerable. 

Anti-Christian discrimination occurs in institutions of higher education also. Christian students are required to score significantly higher on their exams to be permitted to pass. Muslims often are rewarded higher honours, even if Christian students achieve higher scores. Any public signs of non-Muslim religious identity, such as crosses, bells, or church buildings are prohibited.

Even though the government requires permits to construct new churches, or repair old ones, they never grant these licences. Churches are often demolished in anti-Christian riots. Muslims are so determined to prevent Christians from having churches, that when selling land to Christians they
commonly include the proviso “Not to be used for a bar, a brothel, or a church” on the official land deeds.


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