The Spanish government denied asylum to Chinese Christians


The lack of response from the Spanish government puts their physical integrity at risk if they are deported to China. Among them is a famous Chinese Catholic actress, Li Yan Li, who has said she would rather die than return to China.

Since the 23rd of October, several Christian citizens from China have arrived at Madrid’s Barajas airport seeking asylum from religious persecution in their home country. The Spanish government has already denied asylum to several of the asylum seekers belonging to the “Church of Almighty God”, also known as “Eastern Lightning”, deporting them to China, while others are still awaiting their fate.

Spain-based Chinese opposition journalist and Human Rights activist Yuan Lee reported the situation on his X (formerly Twitter) account since there was no other media source covering it. He explained that a number of Christians from this Christian Church have been forced to travel to other countries – such as South Korea, Japan or South American countries – seeking asylum from the Chinese government without any result.

They are trying in Spain, but the Asylum and Refugee Office has not recognised their refugee status and is returning them in batches. Yuan Lee explains that the moment they get back to China, they will face all kinds of repression by the State, including torture and probably death.

Source: elespanol.com

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