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Over 60 Chinese Christians seeking asylum in Thailand are currently detained

According to Christianity Today, the detainees were members of a Chinese house church. Human rights activists are worried they will be repatriated back to China.

The adults and children were members of Shenzhen Holy Reformed Church, known as the “Mayflower church.” They left China in 2019 because of religious restrictions and then tried to gain asylum in South Korea. When they were rejected, they traveled to Thailand to apply for refugee status.

Bob Fu, head of ChinaAid, said the raid on the house church was imminent for the church members as last week, one member had been “acting strangely.” That member admitted he had been working with China’s state security and had revealed the group’s location. He has not been seen since Chinese officials escorted him away from his home.

The Chinese congregation, led by Pastor Pan Yongguang, hid for a few days after the event but later returned to their hotel. On Thursday, about 20 Thai immigration police officers asked to see their passports and visas. Their documents expired in October 2022.


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