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Church of Almighty God Refugee Li Yanli Can Remain in Spain

She is able to stay in Spain but others had to leave or were forced back to China.

Chinese Christians resettled in the US after three years of quest for asylum

In detention, the members faced imminent danger of international kidnapping and repatriation

Over 60 Chinese Christians seeking asylum in Thailand are currently detained

ChinaAId asked the Biden administration to act on behalf of the 63 people and grant them immediate asylum.

Pakistani Christian couple released from death row granted asylum in Europe

Christians are often targeted by both Pakistan’s blasphemy laws and by violent hardliners.

France denies asylum to Iranians sentenced to death for Christian conversion

According to Iranian justice any Muslim who leaves Islam to convert to any other religion will be arrested.

Vietnamese Catholic activist arrived in the US for asylum

In communist Vietnam, being active in social justice and bold in one’s faith could mean threats, harassment, or even imprisonment.

British Prime Minister urged to grant asylum to Pakistani Christian teen

Over nine thousand people signed a petition asking Boris Johnson to grant Maira Shahbaz and her family asylum in the UK.

UK acknowledges the risk of persecution for ‘ordinary’ Iranian Christians

Based on a new reference case, the UK recognizes the persecution of "regular" Christians.