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Chinese Christians resettled in the US after three years of quest for asylum

The 63 members of China's "Mayflower Church" who fled persecution in China arrived in the United States on Friday, intending to resettle permanently after being granted humanitarian parole status amid a harrowing three-quest for asylum.


In November 2019, the Christians, comprising 32 children, from Pastor Pan Yongguang’s Shenzhen Holy Reformed house church (dubbed “Mayflower Church”) fled to Jeju Island in South Korea after encountering threats and interrogations from Chinese police.

Initially seeking refuge in South Korea, they later traveled to Bangkok, Thailand, hoping to obtain refugee status from the United Nations. However, they were detained by Thai immigration authorities.

Freedom Seekers International, a Texas-based group that rescues, resettles and sustains those who are persecuted for their faith, will aid in the resettlement of the congregation. ChinaAid hosted a welcome event at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport on Friday night.


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