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A Christian leader fled kidnapping in Sudan

An evangelist in western Sudan has gone into hiding following attempted attacks by Muslim extremists, he reported.


Ahmad Adam Mohamad, 49, of North Darfur state went into a hiding after his Muslim uncles accused him of apostasy earlier this month. He disciples about 25 Christians of Muslim upbringing, which has angered his relatives, he said. Family members sent a group of Muslim extremists aboard a vehicle to search for him, but he was not at home, he said.

“Again on Saturday, Feb. 11, another group was sent to my house with a mission to arrest and kidnap me,” he said, adding that he narrowly escaped. Relatives had come to his house on Feb. 6 and threatened him, saying he must renounce Christianity and return to Islam, he said. Mohamad, who put his faith in Christ 10 years ago, said relatives have been monitoring his house.

“The situation is extremely difficult – I am not safe at all,” he said. “I urge all the brothers to pray and help me get out from this area to a safer place.” He has been moving from house to house to avoid being arrested or kidnapped by Muslim extremists. The church leader said he has missed meals because he was unable to go to the local market to work. “I have not eaten for almost two days now,” he told Morning Star News on Monday (Feb. 13).

In Open Doors’ 2023 World Watch List of the countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian, Sudan was ranked No. 10, up from No. 13 the previous year, as attacks by non-state actors continued and religious freedom reforms at the national level were not enacted locally.


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