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Repeated cases of theft reported in a Belgium cemetery

For many, cemeteries serve as a place of meditation and remembrance for deceased loved ones. For others, they have a much more negative connotation since clever little ones have fun stealing the flowers or steles placed on them. Several residents of Quiévrain have paid the price for the past two weeks before complaining about it on social networks.


“I would like to ask the person or persons who commit thefts in the cemetery of Quiévrain to return the objects of our deceased to us”, indicates a resident on a group of citizens of Quiévrain. “We took a plaque from my parents’ grave”, “from my children’s grave, we also stole a small cross and small animals”, “from my daughter’s grave, we stole almost everything”, add other inhabitants.

Despite the many testimonies that are born on social networks, on the side of the Hauts-Pays police zone, no complaint has been received. “We have not received any complaints lately for thefts within the Quiévrain cemetery”, confides the Hauts-Pays police zone. “The last date before the All Saints holidays. It concerned a theft of a statuette which could later be found. Since then, nothing. ”

Apart from prevention, the police zone cannot do much to prevent these thefts. “During the All Saints’ Day celebrations, we do a lot of prevention for car thefts. The crowd is more important at this time. Some people forget their belongings in their vehicle and have them stolen. So we let them know at that time. For the rest, there is not much we can do”, concludes the Hauts-Pays police zone.


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