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Christian pastor was beaten unconscious for not denying his faith

Last Sunday, Christians in India were severely beaten for refusing to deny their faith. A mob of radical Hindu nationalists, along with the village leader, interrupted Sunday worship in the home of a Christian family. The mob burst into the house, took two Christian families, and beat them brutally. Among the three who suffered serious internal injuries, one man was unconscious for nearly an hour.

The two Christian families who were attacked came to faith just four months ago. Since then, they have been constantly harassed by radical residents. According to sources reaching International Christian Concern (ICC), the village leader amassed the mob, including residents of neighbouring villages, and accused the Christians of converting to a foreign religion, abandoning their gods, and luring innocent tribal people to Christianity.

The mob started to attack the Christians, including the women and children. The pastor fell unconscious after a significant beating. The crowd assumed he had died and left the scene. After an hour, he regained consciousness. the Christian community went to the police station to report the attackers, but the mob led by the village leader arrived to file a First Incident Report against the pastor. There is little hope for justice for the Christians.


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