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Death capsules even terrify euthanasia adherents

Liberal supporters of assisted suicide are opposed to a broad implementation of the so-called death capsules (death pod - org.), enabling euthanasia to be carried out almost anywhere, e.g. in the bosom of nature.


“The scientist is planning gas chambers for the Scots. Rabid society ”- this is how the Scottish Daily Express describes public opposition to Dr. Philip Nitschke’s involvement in a bill to legalize euthanasia in Scotland.

The scientist known as “Doctor Death” or “Elon Musk euthanasia” wrote a letter to the author of the project, Liberal Democrat MEP Liam McArthur. In it, he convinces Sarco (short for sarcophagus – sarcophagus), single-person mobile capsules from a 3D printer, enabling euthanasia almost anywhere.

The killing technology is atomized with oxygen-lowering nitrogen, which prevents panic and the feeling of suffocation. Loss of consciousness occurs within one minute and death within 10 seconds of fainting. While the inventor argues for a “calm, even euphoric” way to leave this world, the public in Scotland strongly rejects turpist ideas.

Journalist Jonathon Van Maren in LifeSite News reflects on this response, given the widespread popularity of laws legalizing assisted suicide and euthanasia.

“In the decades since the euthanasia regime of Nazi Germany, these practices were rejected because we saw with our own eyes where they were leading. The small gas chambers of Nitschke, despite their neat design and the climate of “departing towards the sunset”, still arouse widespread hostility. Our culture has embraced assisted suicide, but the gas chambers still seem to have gone a step too far, ”he writes.

Nitschke, the founder of Exit International, conducted promotional campaigns for the legalization of euthanasia, among others in Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand. He calls assisted suicide “dignity departing” and considers it a fundamental human right. He is opposed to palliative care, which he considers “ineffective” because it allegedly does not protect against suicidal thoughts.

He is the author of several designs of devices for personal euthanasia. He also distributed lethal substances over the internet. He also comes into conflict with the law from time to time due to the provision of “euthanasia services”.


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