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An individual sowed panic by shouting threat during a mass in Italy

On 23 September, a 41-year-old man sowed panic in a church in Perugia during a mass. In an evident state of psychophysical alteration, the fool screamed and inveighed against the faithful, who had to call the police. It happened at the temple of San Michele Arcangelo, a stone's throw from the historic centre.


When the agents arrived, the man was wandering among the benches. At the sight of the policemen, he again started yelling and yelling at the faithful, guilty, according to the 41-year-old, of having called the agents.

Despite repeated invitations from operators to lower the tone of their voices and to have respect for the place of worship, the man continued with his own harassing conduct, frightening the people who were in the church.

After having removed him to proceed with his identification, the agents accompanied him to the Police Headquarters: from the investigations, it emerged that the 41-year-old, in addition to being burdened with numerous precedents for theft – even in a place of worship – was the recipient of a trace for notification of some acts. After the ritual activities, the man was referred to the judicial authority for the crime of disturbing religious functions.


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