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Christian properties are under threat across northeastern Syria

In northeastern Syria, Christians are increasingly becoming the victims of illegal property confiscations and expropriations. The Assyrian Democratic Organization (ADO), which works on behalf of the Christian Assyrian, Syrian, and Chaldean populations in the area, has served as a major source of reporting on the escalation of these crimes against Christians.


Evidently, Christians who have emigrated from Syria in recent years, amidst the chaos of ongoing armed conflict, are particularly vulnerable to these fraudulent property seizures because they are not as easily aware of fraud attempts and are not well positioned to fight against them.

One particular case of attempted property seizure against a Christian family in Syria was highlighted, but according to the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA), legal cases relating to the seizure or illicit sale of Christian properties have been registered in a number of urban centers: Qamishli, Hassakè, Derek, and Tal Tamr.

These areas are all under the control of the Kurdish Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), also known as “Rojava.”


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