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Hundreds of Christians protest against California abortion legislation

A bill that critics argue could decriminalise infanticide in California drew hundreds of people to the state's capitol Tuesday as the legislation continues to move forward in Sacramento.


Demonstrators — including Pastor Jack Hibbs and other pastors and churchgoers — descended on the state capitol to lobby legislators ahead of a committee vote on Assembly Bill 2223.

But the California Family Council contends that since “pregnancy-related cause” is not defined in the bill, a mother who takes the life of her newborn could potentially cite postpartum depression as such a “pregnancy-related cause.”

AB 2223 also states: “People also need to end pregnancies by abortion, including self-managed abortion, which means ending one’s own pregnancy outside of the medical system.” The bill cites what it describes as “out-of-date provisions” that allow healthcare providers and others to report pregnancy losses to law enforcement.

“The bill also gives a mother the right to sue any law enforcement agency for investigating or threatening to investigate her ‘pregnancy outcome’ including the perinatal death of her child,” the statement adds. “So if someone finds a dead newborn in a dumpster, law enforcement is expected to ask no questions or look further into the matter if they suspect the child died after a failed abortion or from any “pregnancy-related cause.”

In an interview with The Christian Post, Hibbs called the proposed legislation “literally unbelievable.”


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