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Two detained house church teachers in Wuhu have been released

Two of the four house church teachers in Wuhu, Anhui Province, arrested and charged with carrying out “illegal business operations” last August were released on bail, although the other two are still incarcerated.


According to China Aid, while Han Yanlei and Xie Zhifeng, two house church teachers from Jordan River Learning Center, a school affiliated with Mount Carmel Church in Anhui were set free on bail, there is no update with regards to Wan Hongxia and Wang Minghai.

Han and Xie disclosed that they experienced God’s presence in their nine-month imprisonment at Wuhu City First Detention Center.

While six other teachers from the same school were also detained in the May 27 raid last year, they were released on bail in the summer. Last June, families of the detained hired an attorney to handle the case. Two months later, the four teachers were officially arrested by the Wuhu Municipal Bureau of Public Security on the charge of “illegal business operations.”


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