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Senator calls for Department of Justice to stop anti-Catholic violence in America

Sen. John Kennedy (R) asked Attorney General Merrick Garland to identify and prosecute criminals responsible for acts of violence and vandalism.

Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana is renewing his calls for the government to take action against perpetrators of anti-Christian violence and vandalism in America. Kennedy has been championing this cause for years, but little has been done to address the alarming trend, even as occurrences have consistently increased since 2020.

Kennedy published his letter on his dedicated website, where he noted that he initially called on the Department of Justice to take action in 2020. In this letter, which the DOJ never responded to, he highlighted some of the most heinous crimes directed at Christians up until that point:

“For example, rioters attacked a bookstore run by nuns, vandals demolished reverent statues, and arsonists set churches on fire. In one case, criminals targeted a church while worshipers were still inside. I concluded by asking that the department, which you now head, act swiftly and carefully to bring an end to these heinous crimes,” Kennedy wrote in 2020.

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