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The number of Christians murdered for their faith skyrocketed last year

According to data, from October 2020 to September 2021, 5,898 Christians were killed worldwide because of their faith, 1,137 more than the year before.


In Nigeria alone, as many as 4650 Christians have been killed last year, daily by violent Islamist groupings such as Fulani herdsmen. 

Open Doors data published in their uyearly World Watch List revael that the total number of churches attacked wrldwide has risen to 5,110, arrests and detentions of Christians have increased by 44%. to 6,175 cases worldwide, of which 1,315 in India.

Compiled since 1992 and annually since 1992, however, the report also takes into account the more subtle discrimination faced by Christians in civic, social, family and private life.

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