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International community prompted to act after church leader's death in prison

Following the death of a prominent church leader in an Eritrean prison international organisations are urged to act

Evangelist Slain for Leading Muslims to Christ in Uganda

A 33-year-old evangelist beaten to death in Eastern-Uganda.

Fulani horror in Nigeria: 31 christian victims in a week

Terrorists killed 11 Christians in Plateau state, while 20 others were slain in Taraba, Nigeria last week.

War on Christians in Democratic Republic of Congo

With the growth of multiple Islamic extremist perpetrating violence against christians in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Over 5,000 Nigerian Christians were killed and over 3,000 were kidnapped

The International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law recently said there were 8,000 Christian victims in Nigeria

Twenty-two civillians were killed in an attack in the DRC

The attacks took place in the conflict-ridden province of Ituri.

Nigeria’s Christians suffer amid rise in attacks

ACLED claims that only about 5% of violent events targeting civilians are aimed at Christians based on their religious identity.

Nigerian massacre of Christians "not rooted in religion", says EU Commissionner

During the attack on the Owo Church during Pentecost, at least 50 Christians have been murdered.

Nigerian terrorists continue to attack Christiam churches

On June 12, another 11 Christians were killed in Benue State’s Igama community in the Okpokwu Local Government Area.

Fulani militants kill three Christians after church service

The militants were dressed in black and Nigerian army uniforms.