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Protests against the extendion of the period of legal abortion in France

A law is being processed in the French parliament increasing the limit on abortion "on request" from the 12th to the 14th week of pregnancy. Opponents of the barbaric solution crowded the streets of Paris expressing their support for the conceived life.


Among at least twenty thousand demonstrators were many young people and families with children. Yellow and pink banners were carried with the slogans “Stop pissing off embryos” (to paraphrase feminist slogans) and “Life is a right, not a choice.”

Nicolas Tardy-Joubert, the main organiser of the annual “March for Life”, described the act as “scandalous”, pointing to the political motivations for changes in connection with the upcoming presidential elections.

The proposed changes also include the removal of the 48-hour period between the “treatment” and the psychological consultation.

It is not known, however, whether the new law will enter into force. A previous pro-abortion law initiated in October by Emmanuel Macron’s LREM party was rejected in the Senate, where Republicans control the majority.


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