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The situation of persecuted Christians in Sweden

Sweden is considered the most secular and individualistic country in the world due to the policies pursued by freemasonry. Lutheranism is also believed to have contributed to the secularisation of the nation.


In the country, Lutherans remain the strongest Christian denomination, but “sexual liberation and leftism” dominate. The views and ideas of traditional Christian teaching are frowned upon. Due to strong secularization, there are serious violations of the fundamental freedoms of Christians. This is especially true of the issue of abortion, which is free and available without parental consent. The conscience clause of medical workers is not recognized. Hostility towards Christians is intensifying on the part of Muslim migrants.

Midwives lose their jobs due to refusal to participate in abortions. Following the judgment of the ECtHR in the case of two midwives, Ellinor Grimmark and Linda Steen, who lost their jobs for refusing to perform an abortion, local politicians are calling for further restrictions. Students cannot receive a scholarship if they refuse to participate in an abortion during the internship. Some maternity education programs include compulsory abortion practices. There is a threat that Christians may be excluded from certain medical professions.

Freedom of expression is restricted in the workplace. Alternative media journalists and teachers are the target. There is a risk of losing your job for expressing an opinion contrary to the official position of the mainstream media. 

There is an increasing number of ‘hate speech’ issues on social media. Christian children face harassment of their colleagues for wearing religious symbols. Christians are commanded to remove crosses as it may offend others, but Muslims are not required to change their clothes.

Home education has been forbidden for many years, and the possibility of establishing religious schools has been significantly limited. Of the existing ones, frequent checks are made and management is removed, for example because of suspicions that children are being mistreated or that the rule of law or ‘democratic values’ are being undermined.


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