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Two Christian pro-life organisations have experienced "debanking"

Other Christian organisations and individuals, which chose to remain anonymous, have reported similar incidents to OIDAC Europe.

A Swedish Christian teacher was fired following a pronouns dispute

The woke ideology has taken over Sweden in the turn of the century.

An Armenian church was vandalised in Sweden

A police investigation has been initiated.

A Swedish bakery was reported for refusing to bake a cake

Similar cases ocurred also in other places of the world, with various consequences.

"Persecuted Christians get no headlines", says Swedish historian Dick Harrison

"Historically, religious freedom is a more radical concept than most Swedes realize," he writes.

Swedish Liberal Party wants to establish new religious independent schools

The chairman of the Christian Free School Council, Jan Rosman, says this "would definitely be a violation of religious freedom".

France and Sweden prosecute ISIS for crimes against Christians and Yazidis

Several governments investigate ISIS crimes with the hope that its members will be held accountable.

The situation of persecuted Christians in Sweden

Political correctness is very important in Sweden and people fear being punished for speaking out on "sensitive" topics.

Swedish police confirmed that arson of village church was deliberate

This is not the first church burned down in the local area.

Europe’s largest Lutheran denomination declares itself as "trans-inclusive"

In 2009, the left-leaning Swedish Church voted in favor of blessing same-sex marriages.