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Christian families boycotted for refusing to recant their faith in India


On the 22nd of November, eight Christian families from Bansgoam village in India’s Chhattisgarh state were summoned to a village gathering where they were told to recant their faith. When they refused, a social boycott was declared against the Christian families until they left the village or recanted their faith.


According to one of the Christian villagers, the Christian families were summoned to a meeting around 10 a.m. on November 22. Around 100 villagers, including the former village sarpanch, were present at this meeting.

The former sarpanch told the Christians the village gods and goddesses were angry because of the Christians and the practice of their faith. He went on to demand the Christians recant their faith.

When the Christians refused, village leaders, led by Baju Netam and Jagdev Netam, shouted foul language at the Christians and told them they must leave the village. The former sarpanch ordered a social boycott against the Christian families denying them the right to collect water from the village well, the right to walk on the roads, the right to bury their dead, and the right to be paid for labor.


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