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Two of 66 abducted worshippers killed in captivity in Nigeria

Two of the 66 worshipers abducted on the 31st of October at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Kaduna State have been killed by their captors.


Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN) Kaduna chapter, Rev. Joseph Hayab, said in a statement yesterday that gunmen opened fire on five of the kidnapped individuals, killing two and injuring three.

He said: “The lives of Kaduna abducted worshipers are in danger and require urgent intervention of government and security agencies. The insecurity in Kaduna State has continued to grow beyond our imagination, and is threatening the peace of the nation.”

The statement added: “CAN Kaduna State is appealing to well-meaning individuals, organizations, those in authority, especially the Federal Government and the international community, to come to our rescue. The evil we are experiencing is more than what an ordinary person in Kaduna and Nigeria can handle. CAN is appealing to all Christians and people of our state to be united in fighting this evil and be watchful.”


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