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Christian nurse harassed and assaulted in Pakistani public hospital


A Christian nurse named Nosheen Victor, resident of Multan, Pakistan was sexually harassed by her colleague, Dr Muhammad Abid Wazir.

On the 16th of September 2021, when Nosheen signed her attendance register, Dr Muhammad Abid tried to touch her, but she firmly rejected his approach. Then he became angry and started beating her with the attendance register.

After the incident, Nosheen called the Police, who filed a complaint against the doctor. Meanwhile, the nurse was transferred to another public hospital, far from her home. Dr Muhammad Abid has still not been detained because he was granted interim bail.

On the other hand, Nosheen is constantly receiving threats from the government and the hospital management: they are asking her to be reconciled with the doctor or risk being fired. She is also threatened with physical harm.

Source: Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group

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