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Christian hospital attack leaves estimated 500 dead in Gaza

An air strike on a Christian hospital in Gaza on Tuesday the 17th of October resulted in hundreds of casualties.

The chapel of a Spanish hospital was vandalised

A Mass in reparation was offered in the chapel on two occasions in mid-September.

Islamists killed a nun and six other people at a Catholic hospital in DR Congo

Several people who work or live near the hospital, including two nuns, were missing in the wake of the attack.

A sacristan was violently beaten up while praying in Austria

The attacker later fled the scene. The police were able to arrest him a short time later.

11 children among 29 killed by stampede at Liberian worship crusade

Gang violence is unfortunately commonplace in the Liberian streets.

New Spanish law to publicly publish list of medical staff opposing abortion

Many health professionals and bishops have expressed their concern about the potential threat that this measure poses.