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Praying Christian woman murdered by armed ethnic Meitei in Manipur

Domkhohoi Haokip, a Christian woman in her 60's was killed whilst praying in her church on Friday.

Muslim husband starves Christian wife for reading the Bible

A 27 year-old Christian woman was beaten and left to die at a wild animal park in Uganda.

Woman from radical Muslim family found Christ and converted

Christ is a now part of her daily life, but initially, she needed to keep this hidden from her family.

Christian mother and daughter expelled from a Vietnamese village

Local leaders insisted that the woman deny Jesus if she wished to remain in the tribe.

A Coptic Christian woman was violently attacked by a radical Muslim in Egypt

ICC ties this attack to others that have taken place across Egypt in recent months.

Christian woman became youngest mayor of Indian city

A Dalit Christian woman has become the youngest ever mayor in the history of Chennai, India’s fourth largest city.

Christian woman buried according to Hindu rites in Sri Lanka

In some cases, the bodies of Christians were exhumed from temple-controlled burial grounds and discarded.

Radical Muslims beat young Christian woman unconscious in Kenya

Seven assailants also broke two teeth of her nineteen-year-old sister and also injured their eighteen-year-old brother.