Christian missionary arrested in Pakistan

A 35-year-old Christian missionary woman named Shagufta Kiran was arrested by Federal Investigation Agency in Iqbal Town, Islamabad, Pakistan, on charges of blasphemy, along with her ten and twelve-year-old sons.

Shagufta and her sons were sleeping when armed policemen raided their home at 4 AM. The mother and her children were taken to the police station, but a lawyer got Shagufta’s two sons released.

Shagufta’s husband, Rafiq Masih, was not there at the time of the raid. Their sons have left Islamabad and have relocated to another location in Pakistan due to security concerns.

Unfortunately, Shagufta is currently in Adiala Prison, charged with blasphemy under sections 295A and 295C. The latter charge carries the death penalty and is non-bailable. The police report against Shagufta was filed by a man named Shiraz Ahmed Farooqi.

Source: Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group 

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