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New Bible translation embraces Native American storytelling

A new English translation of the New Testament specifically aimed toward conveying Christian beliefs through Native American cultural concepts and storytelling has been released. Titled the First Nations Version: An Indigenous Translation of the New Testament, it was released Tuesday by InterVarsity Press.


The English translation sought to balance common cultural patterns of Native Americans while also staying accurate to Christian theological concepts stated within the New Testament.

IVP Senior Editor Al Hsu told The Christian Post that the project had extensive input from Native Americans representing a diverse array of tribes in North America.

The lead translator, Terry Wildman, himself of Native American origin, worked with a 12-member council of Native Americans from different tribes and locations, including men, women, pastors, elders and young adults.  

“The team has engaged with indigenous churches, sharing samples and garnering feedback about potential use throughout the process. Additional reviewers and cultural consultants from over 25 different tribal heritages were also in partnership with the team throughout the process,” explained Hsu.


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