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Adolescent escapes from forced marriage in the Central African Republic


When the girl's father found out that his daughter converted to Christianity, he wanted to force her to marry a forty-five-year-old Muslim man. The young girl managed to escape from her family and now lives with her Christian aunt.


Twelve-year-old Charlotte is a Muslim girl who met Jesus through an uncle who works as a Christian pastor. After converting to Christianity, she began secretly attending the Sunday School of her uncle.

When her father found out that she had converted to Christianity, he threatened to kill her. Finally, when the girl refused to renounce her Christian faith, her father attempted to force her into a marriage with a forty-five-year-old Muslim man.

After hearing about her situation, the local Church leaders helped Charlotte escape from home and arranged for her to live with an aunt. She is financially supported by Christian NGOs and communities.

Source: Portas Abertas

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