Indian priest accused of terrorism dies in prison


Father Stan Swamy, accused of terrorism by the Indian government and arbitrarily imprisoned since October 2020, died in prison at the age of 84 in early July.


“ A staunch defender of the rights of the tribal populations of Jharkhand, a territory in northeast India, Father Stan Swamy had fought for fifty years so that the local tribes could conserve their lands. He was accused by the government of being a terrorist close to the Indian Maoist Party after pro-Maoist documents were discovered on his computer.

According to an American company which was able to analyse the Jesuit’s computer, the documents in question would have been placed there by the Indian police “, specifies Valeurs Actuelles.

During his imprisonment, he said in a video message: “ What is happening to me is not personal, it is a vast process. Renowned intellectuals, lawyers, writers, poets, activists and student leaders are in prison simply for voicing their dissent or raising questions about power in India.

Source: christianophobie.fr


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