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In Lucknow, India, a Catholic priest was arrested on charges of conversion

Fr Dominic Pinto was arrested on charges of trying to convert poor Hindus.

Catholic priest arrested in India

The priest working among slum children is accused of violating child rights.

Nicaraguan bishop in exile asks "not to abandon us"

The Pope also expressed concers about the current situation in Nicaragua

Nicaragua arrested two Catholic priests amid rising tensions

Over the past few years, Ortega’s administration has increasingly targeted members of the Catholic Church

Pastor arrested for controversial remarks in Sri Lanka

An umbrella body of evangelical churches in Sri Lanka has voiced concern over the arrest of pastor Fernando

Exiled Catholics testify about their imprisonment in Nicaragua

An exiled prisoner shared the heinous details of imprisonment under the Ortega dictatorship

Catholic priest jailed for protest at abortion clinic in New York

A Franciscan friar was given the maximum sentence for protesting at an abortion facility

American street preacher arrested at LGBT Pride in Canterbury

An American street preacher was arrested and detained after preaching from the Book of Romans during a Pride event in Canterbury.

Ortega's Socialist regime imprisons priests in Nicaragua

Fr. Óscar Danilo Benavidez Dávila was arrested in August this year along with other clergymen

Christian groups demand release of a bishop and two priests in Eritrea

"The Eritrean government is yet to give a reason for arresting the clergymen," their statement reads.