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Abortion lobby complains about new pro-life legislation in Texas

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The Texas abortion lobby filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday to challenge the Texas Heartbeat Act that protects the life of the unborn. A new state law, slated to enter into force on the 1st of September, allows individuals to file a lawsuit against abortion clinics, doctors, and anyone who helps a woman to have an abortion. "It's a desperate measure from the industry," says John Seago of Texas Right To Life.


The purpose of the claimants is to block the Texas Heartbeat Act, which was passed by the state’s Senate and signed in May of this year by Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

The new law will prohibit killing an unborn child after detecting a heartbeat, which is possible already in the sixth week of pregnancy. Life advocates believe this will save thousands of lives, and is an important step towards a complete ban on abortion in Texas.

As we read on, “the abortion industry raises two main accusations. First, the enforcement mechanism of the Texas Heartbeat Act is unprecedented as there is only civil liability. Second, these lawsuits, which can be brought against both abortionists and anyone who helps or encourages an abortion, are likely to close abortion facilities and discourage people from assisting with an abortion.”


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