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Tristan Azbej went to Ghana and visited communities supported by the Hungary Helps Program

Tristan Azbej

During his humanitarian visit to Ghana, the State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians and the Hungary Helps Program visited a school, which was renovated with the aid of the Hungarian government. He also handed over sports equipment, provided by the FTC Hungarian Football Club.

In the town Koforidua, Tristan Azbej inaugurated the Newill Academy school, rebuilt thanks to the financial help of the Hungary Helps Program, with the cooperation of the Africa Another Way Foundation. The renovation makes possible the education of one hundred eighty students.

Until now, as the school did not have enough classrooms, three classes had to be accommodated in tents. The State Secretary wrote on his Facebook page that the aid of the Hungarian government enables the children to study in their home country and are not forced to migrate.

In two other posts, Tristan Azbej shared videos that show how the students and teachers welcomed him and the Hungary Helps delegation.
In this video, the grateful students of the school sing for the arriving Hungarians.
In another video, we can see the children in the sports attire sent by the FTC football club. The children say “Go Fradi” in Hungarian with Tristan Azbej, to express their gratitude towards the Hungarian football club.
The videos and the photo are from Tristan Azbej’s Facebook page.

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