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Hungary Helps offered help to Czech Republic after tornado

As part of the Hungary Helps Program, the Hungarian government offered immediate aid of twenty million forints to the Czech Republic to alleviate the damage caused by the severe natural disaster and to restore a church in the village of Hrusky.


Hungarian assistance implements in cooperation with the Hungarian Ecumenical Relief Organization. Hungary donates tangible assets for commonly agreed humanitarian purpose and the reconstruction of a church damaged by the tornado in Hrusky.

In his Facebook post, Tristan Azbej, State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians and the Hungary Helps Program, assures the Czech Republic of the financial support of the Hungarian government, writing that  “a friend is also a friend in trouble”.

At least five people have died, with hundreds more injured after the tornado tore through a region of the country. The tornado was formed late on Thursday during a series of strong thunderstorms that hit the entire country.

Source:, Facebook

Photo: Azbej

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