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Northern Ireland and its extreme abortion regime

Pro-life organisations in the British Isles plan to challenge legislation on full state funding of abortion in Northern Ireland. A team of lawyers are gearing up for a court battle against London's decision to endow the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland with powers that have marked the expansion of a culture of death on a massive scale in this area.


The Association for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) and the Centre for Bioethical Reform of Northern Ireland (CBR NI) have established a team of lawyers to fight “a battle that is crucial to the continuation of the pro-life movement” in this part of the world.

London empowered Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Brandon Lewis to make pro-abortion decisions on an exorbitant scale. It is a wide-ranging campaign that includes appropriate steps in the fields of health, justice and education. Pro-life activists call to oppose this process to “men and women of all political backgrounds, faiths and traditions who regard the right to life as a fundamental human right.”

Liam Gibson of the Association for the Protection of Unborn Children calls this step “the shameful takeover of power” by Westminster and speaks of “unconstitutional laws that give the Secretary of State the power to promote abortion in whatever way he sees fit.” As an activist states, “he can campaign to change public opinion and reduce the stigma of negative evaluation of abortion. It might even put up road signs to direct people to abortion centres. ” It will also be possible, as in England and Wales, for compulsory sex education in all schools, as well as for legalising abortion for underage girls without their parent’s knowledge.

The pro-life activist emphasises the instrumental treatment of the abortion issue in the context of London’s deliberate policy, the movement of which “deadly undermines decentralisation.” John Deighan, deputy director general of the Association for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), said we are experiencing “the most difficult times the pro-life movement has ever faced in Northern Ireland.” 

The basis for the challenge will be that the laws with which London has endowed the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland are legally outside his mandate. 


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